Happy Plants, Happy Skin!

ISUN Skincare - Happy Plants Happy Skin

Alive plant life is made up of happy plant chemicals that include superconducting biophotons (light), ions and living water, and an impressive array of living nutrients. Science has demonstrated a dynamic interaction between anything that is topically applied to our skin and our nervous system. This interaction occurs via neurotransmitter receptor sites in skin that receive messages from either touch or substances topically applied. Neurotransmitters are then produced in the skin and send signals to the brain that are either favourable or unfavourable to substances applied to the skin.

To illustrate, if a substance containing chemicals that are not in harmony with our body is applied to our skin, our skin might react by producing a rash or other irritation. In addition the neurotransmitters produced send stress signals to the brain, which responds by altering the way we feel. We may feel irritated, angry or depressed and not understand why.

On the other hand, if we apply substances from nature that are in harmony with our body – especially if they are alive with light, nutrients and good intentions – our skin produces neurotransmitters called beta- endorphins, known as happy hormones because of the feelings of well- being and pleasure they produce.

ISUN Alive & Ageless skin-caring products are created to be in harmony with our body in order to produce beta-endorphins for serenely satisfied radiant glowing skin, and peaceful feelings of well-being.

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