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In this luxurious, deeply relaxing and subtle energy-balancing massage and body treatment, imbalances due to mental or physical stress, travel, sleep deprivation or any other cause, are gently and magically brought into alignment. The experience of calming and uplifting essential oil aromatherapy blends; energy-balancing massage gemstones coordinated with four distinctive aromatic, herb-infused massage oils applied with intention in a special sequence; cooling quartz crystal wands used in a rejuvenating facial massage technique; raindrop herbal-oil therapy drizzled on the spine followed by a luxurious back massage and steamy towels to enhance the healing benefits; and the special touch of deeply relaxing and soothing long, slow, firm massage strokes … give a sense of calm, blissful euphoria and an absolute state of body-mind relaxation and a deep feeling of total well-being.

The herb-infused gemstone oils with stunning, therapeutic essential oil blends coordinated with massage gemstones having the same balancing and healing properties, not only soothe and relax both body and mind, they help to remove stagnation and energy blockages allowing greater flow in the body and energetic fields, thus facilitating balance, deep relaxation, restful sleep, an open heart and a feeling of overall wellbeing.


Replenish, soothe and restore thirsty, dry skin with long-lasting moisture retention.This luxurious treatment begins with a rich moisturising scrub that combines the exfoliating benefits of fine mineral salt with the richness of unrefined organic shea butter to counteract the effects of skin dryness and dry climates. A generous layer of honey-avocado butter infused with penetrating honey extract and a delicious touch of cardamom and vanilla is applied all over the body and face before being gently wrapped in a cocoon of warmth to help deeply absorb the moisturising skin nourishment. To finish, a luscious massage is given using nutrient-rich shea butter infused with soothing lavender, calendula and helichrysum flowers.


Cool, calm and soothe sensitive skin conditions and help to rapidly repair skin overexposed to the sun with a soothing relief mist followed by a face and body balm wrap made of delicious aromatic virgin coconut cream with soothing aloe vera, cucumber and healing herbs. A luxury foot massage followed by a relaxing scalp massage while the face and body are soaking in the ultimate soothing benefits of the balm. A hydrating body serum with ingredients that help repair skin damaged by UV is applied followed by a light application of a regenerating and moisturising herbal body oil to soothe and accelerate the healing process.


This pure and effective treatment helps to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, detoxify tissues, ‘break-up’ fat deposits, tone and smooth skin as dead surface cells are exfoliated. Stimulating and detoxifying herbs with Rhassoul Clay – rich in minerals and vitamins – are blended with a therapeutic, aromatherapy, ‘Citrus & Spice’ herbal oil in a vigorous body scrub creating an active and deep penetrating body mask. The mask (body wrap) stimulates the flow of lymph and excess fluids and toxins which are released through the skin. Heat activating herbs and oils create a thermogenic effect which helps to break-up subcutaneous fat and cellulite deposits. Astringent herbs and oils help tone and firm skin. The wrap is followed with a full body massage using a stimulating and detoxifying oil.


Soothe and relax tired or achy muscles and sore feet, and re-energise your body with a replenishing, anti-inflammatory oil infused with herbs, essential oils and pure CBD. After a brief rinse in the shower, the oil is generously applied, followed by a wrap to facilitate deep penetration of the nutrient-enriched oil. While the active ingredients are working to release tension and soreness in the body, an age-defying mini facial with a cleansing exfoliation treatment, a facial mask and finishing serums and moisturisers is customised for the skin. While the face mask is doing its magic, the scalp is tendered with massage. A full body massage with herb-infused, aromatic CBD oil concludes the treatment and soothes away any remaining traces of aches and pains as it both relaxes and re-energises your total sense of well-being.


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